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Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Partnering with some of the country’s top construction management schools, including Clemson University, Arizona State University, Bradley University, and others to develop and incorporate roofing specific curriculum into undergraduate programs, and provide student and faculty scholarships.
  • Debuting the Roofing Alliance/Clemson University Certificate Program, which includes three courses through Clemson online. The Roofing Professional Management Certificate is available to Roofing Alliance members at a discount and is the perfect training tool for your new hires and office personnel.
  • Partnering with Clemson University on a three-year study titled Sustainability & Resiliency Efforts for the Roofing Industry, which will identify and document the current state of various sustainability and resiliency efforts; create professional training modules and strategies to educate the industry and improve members’ efforts in this arena; and develop a fourth roofing-related sustainability Clemson course. Once developed, a minor in roofing will be available at Clemson—the first of its kind and one that can be shared with all construction management schools nationwide. The work also will develop a future Ph.D. researcher in roofing capable of conducting more industry research and teaching roofing moving forward at another university.
  • Funding a roofing industry “fellow” to engage in and conduct innovative research aligned with roofing and the building envelope, and who will emerge as a leader and educator under the guidance of the esteemed ASU faculty.
  • Showcasing hallmark Construction Management Student Competitions annually that enhance construction management students’ experiences by exposing them academically and experientially to roofing as a career choice and fosters meaningful interaction among the students, faculty, and Roofing Alliance members, who serve as team mentors.
  • Advancing education through the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program by distributing more than $1 million in scholarship funds to 160 students since the scholarship program’s inception.
  • Sponsoring events to raise awareness and give back to the community, including the Most Valuable Player Awards, Helping Our Own Program and partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities to reroof and maintain all 165 stand-alone houses in the U.S.
  • Funding research annually to address the industry’s most-pressing needs.