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Commit To The Roofing Alliance

The roofing industry stands as a testament to a culture of benevolence, where roofing professionals, recognizing the immense support received from the industry, seek avenues to give back. In this spirit of altruism, the Roofing Alliance emerges as an invaluable entity— providing a perfect opportunity for individuals to actively contribute to the very industry that has played a pivotal role in their success.

At the heart of the Roofing Alliance's strength lies its vibrant membership and the imperative role played through engagement. The Roofing Alliance, recognizing the diverse landscape of the industry, welcomes companies of all sizes, from small to large firms, fostering inclusivity and ensuring a collective voice in shaping the future trajectory of the roofing sector.

As the 501(C)(3) foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the Roofing Alliance is experiencing rapid growth, positioning itself as a dynamic force propelling transformation within the roofing industry. With a robust membership of 196, the Roofing Alliance uniquely positions itself as a unifying force, seamlessly bringing together roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals equally.

Peter Horch

"The Roofing Alliance allows me to be part of the bigger picture and give back, and once I realized how much impact it had on my roofing business, I had to get more involved,” says Peter Horch, president and CEO of Horch Roofing, Warren, Maine. “I am honored to be involved with an organization that collaborates industrywide and has such a positive effect on the roofing industry and its future.”

Dedicated to propelling the industry forward, the Roofing Alliance has committed more than $15 million to fund pioneering research, educational initiatives, and scholarships. This financial backing has not only fueled 54 research projects but has also enabled the Roofing Alliance to consistently respond adeptly to significant economic and technological challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Beyond technical advancements, the Roofing Alliance prioritizes broader facets of growth, emphasizing education and training, community outreach, philanthropy, and the dignified recognition of the industry's workforce—the backbone of our collective success.

Piers Dormeyer

“I’m proud to be a part of the Roofing Alliance and its future; this organization provides an opportunity to work with like-minded leaders in our industry to innovate and drive positive social change,” says Piers Dormeyer, president of commercial group at Eagleview, Bellevue, Wash. “Through our work in the Roofing Alliance, we can make a real difference and leave our industry in a better place than we found it. And that is what really matters.”

Commitments to the Roofing Alliance are flexible, with pledges spanning five to ten years. In acknowledgment of these commitments, public recognition is tailored to members' preferences and levels of engagement, including national exposure through various media and social outlets. Members are further encouraged to actively shape the Roofing Alliance's agenda by participating in committees and task forces, attending semiannual meetings, and engaging in networking events that foster collaboration and camaraderie.

For industry leaders, the Roofing Alliance presents a distinctive opportunity to invest in the present, ensuring the future strength, excellence, and competitive edge of one of America's key industries. Your company's participation is not just welcomed; it is deemed essential. Join us in shaping the future of the roofing industry; we eagerly anticipate your valuable contributions.