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Funding Request

The Roofing Alliance budget year is from June 1 to May 31. The Roofing Alliance considers funding requests on an annual basis at the Roofing Alliance meeting held in April. To be considered for funding, written requests should be submitted to the Roofing Alliance's Executive Director by Jan. 1, 2022.

Roofing Alliance Role and Project Criteria

The Roofing Alliance involves itself in programs that can significantly, and positively, affect the roofing industry at the national level. The Roofing Alliance's role is to provide funding for these projects and enough oversight to ensure they are being carried out in a manner consistent with the Roofing Alliance's goals.

Programs, Projects, and Studies the Roofing Alliance Will Consider

  1. Be generic—they will not evaluate any proprietary products, services or materials
  2. Not publicly advocate an industry position or publicly advocate for a particular industry segment
  3. Be broad-based, having value for the industry as a whole whenever possible.

Project Criteria

  1. The project should have the potential to have a substantial positive impact on the roofing industry and contribute to the betterment of the U.S. roofing industry
  2. The project should be particularly well-suited to be conducted by the Roofing Alliance, i.e., it is a project that exceeds the principal mission, not well-suited for or is otherwise inappropriate for NRCA or another industry organization.

Review Process

The Roofing Alliance Proposal Review Committee (PRC) reviews proposals initially to determine whether the project meets all criteria. The PRC will ask questions or request additional information if needed. If the proposal meets all criteria, it will be included in the funding request summary presented to the Roofing Alliance Finance and Financial Development Committee for its review in determining a maximum spending cap. If it does not meet the criteria, the PRC will notify the person(s) submitting the proposal. If it meets criteria, the person(s) submitting the proposal will present their funding request in-person to the Roofing Alliance Board of Trustees at the April meeting.

The Roofing Alliance Board of Trustees reviews the proposals—taking into consideration the Finance Committee's maximum spending cap—and decides whether to recommend requests to the full Roofing Alliance at the April Roofing Alliance meeting. If the funding requests are approved by the Board of Trustees, the funding requests are presented in person at the April Roofing Alliance meeting for member review and approval. The person(s)/organization submitting the request will be notified within 30 days following the April Roofing Alliance meeting whether their funding request was approved.

The written proposals are to include:

  • Executive summary/overview of project or research
  • Outline of project/research; detailed description/scope of work
  • Timeline for project/completion date
  • Plan for promoting the end product
  • Cost/budget estimates
    (Note: The Roofing Alliance prefers to fund direct costs, but understands that, particularly with institutes of higher education, the recovery of indirect costs is sometimes necessary. Therefore, the Roofing Alliance’s indirect cost policy provides that any indirect cost rate for programs, projects, studies or research funded by the Roofing Alliance may not exceed 12 percent.)
  • Potential revenue sharing opportunities for the Roofing Alliance
  • Value to the Roofing Alliance/why Roofing Alliance funding is being requested
  • Other groups/organizations that may also be providing funding


  • Specifically state what the deliverables are
  • State the timeline for each deliverable
  • Include the plan for promoting the finished product

Upon Completion of the Study/Project

  • The Roofing Alliance is to receive a final, written report/paper before there is any type of public reporting or distribution.
  • Project/study results must be published and made available to Roofing Alliance members first, then all interested persons.
  • The Roofing Alliance is to receive credit for funding and be included in all acknowledgments, articles, presentations, etc.
  • The Roofing Alliance reserves the right to sell the finished product.

Does the proposal support one or more of the Roofing Alliance Core Values

  • Education and Training
  • Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Philanthropy

Funding request must be received in the Roofing Alliance office by Jan. 1, 2022. If submitting requests by email, send to If sending hard copies, please send to the Roofing Alliance office:

Bennett Judson
Executive Director
The Roofing Alliance
10255 W. Higgins, Suite 600
Rosemont, IL 60018-5607
(847) 299-9070