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Helping Our Own Program

Life-altering circumstances can affect anyone at any time-a family can be devastated by a severe accident, illness or loss of the breadwinner. A family's tragedy can become unmanageable or simply unbearable if the family has nowhere to turn.

Originally founded to fund technical, educational and safety-related studies to advance the roofing industry, the Roofing Alliance expanded its funding initiatives to also help our own, which includes reaching out to the roofing community and its members and helping fund efforts dedicated to good works and charitable giving. The funding mission expansion will serve to balance the programs supported by the Roofing Alliance to enable us to affect more lives in the roofing industry.

Through a nomination process, the Roofing Alliance can recognize and identify the challenges associated with these life-changing events and help create sustainable solutions for individuals or families in need.

Although the Roofing Alliance may not be able to solve all the problems rendered during a time of crisis, collectively, we can make a real difference in the lives of families who may fall victim to tragedy through our Helping Our Own Program.

Funding Limits

No limit has been set for individual applicant funding. The Roofing Alliance understands life-altering events may require substantial assistance, and, to better serve its mission, the Roofing Alliance's Balanced Program Committee desires to grant several disbursements each year when possible.

Types of Projects Anticipated

The Roofing Alliance will avoid giving cash disbursements when possible. Examples of the types of assistance the Roofing Alliance anticipates providing include:

  • Bill Payment Assistance—mortgage payment assistance, medical bills for uninsured nominees, utility bills, other accumulated debts the applicant is having trouble paying
  • Renovations or Reconstruction—disaster relief, disability accommodation, roof system installation
  • Supply of Materials and Payment of Labor
  • Supply of Equipment—medical, household
  • Supply of Services—in-home medical, therapeutic

Distribution of Funds

Nominees selected for funding will be contacted directly. If this is not feasible or possible, nominators should designate an alternative contact person. Nominators will be advised of the distribution of the funds made to those they nominated. As a condition of accepting funding, nominees must agree to a level of public relations activities that is appropriate to the situation. Nominees also must give consent to a verification process that may include but not be limited to background and credit checks.