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Roofing Industry Leaders Giving Back

Thank you, Trent Cotney, for creating/sponsoring an ad promoting Giving Day during NRCA’s National Roofing Week! We appreciate all our members who help get the word out about our programs.

Remember to please share your stories with us—whether it’s about joining local boards; working with your local Ronald McDonald House; working on a Rebuilding Together project; supporting local charitable groups; sharing your roofing knowledge with community organizations, schools, museums, and helping promote our programs—however you may be reaching out to, supporting and making a difference in your communities, we want to know!

As we shared last month, we have a new Roofing Alliance YouTube playlist channel, “Roofing Alliance Members Making a Difference.” To view the playlist, visit The goal is to post videos about how our members are reaching out and making a difference in their communities. It’s important to share your stories. Not only does it show the overall professionalism and generosity of our industry, but it’s a way to share ideas and encourage other members who may be looking for ways they can contribute to their communities.

Email your stories and videos to Bennett or Jessica. Let’s overload the channel with all we are doing to make a difference!