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Other Construction Management Schools Initiative News

Another update involving construction management comes from Bill Good regarding his involvement with the American Council for Construction Education, the accrediting body for colleges and universities offering construction education programs. Good is our ACCE representative and serves on the board; is an accreditation team member; and recently agreed to chair the new ACCE committee on workforce accreditation.

Good shared his experiences and observations from participating in ACCE’s virtual summer conference July 20-24. During the conference, he had two opportunities to talk about Roofing Alliance programs—the student competition and the Clemson University program. Good said the Roofing Alliance continues to be held up as a model of association involvement with ACCE.

ACCE has a Recognition Committee that can confer different types of recognition for educational programs that do not lead to postsecondary degrees. Good asked about our Clemson Roofing Certificate Program—they currently do not have anything similar, but it would be considered.

COVID-19 has made the baccalaureate accreditation process much more difficult. Construction management schools typically are accredited for six years, and the re-accreditation process involves a visiting team that reviews its curriculum, process, etc., during a two- to three-day period. Since March, those visits have been done online. They are not certain how much longer that will continue, and it will probably be determined on a school-by-school basis. The good news is there is a waiting list of about 10 new schools that have asked to be accredited.

Who better than former NRCA CEO Bill Good, to represent us at ACCE. His involvement allows him different opportunities to not only share information regarding our construction management initiatives but also to build relationships with faculty from the various construction management schools. Because of his presentations and one-on-one interactions with faculty, Good has recruited new schools for the Roofing Alliance student competition, encouraged faculty to submit funding proposals and opened the door to internships. We certainly appreciate Good’s time and the effects of his efforts as part of our education and training pillar!