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Colorado State University places in this year’s student competition

Second place winners in the Roofing Alliance Construction Management Student Competition share their experiences during the 2024 contest.

The Roofing Alliance hosted its tenth anniversary Construction Management Student Competition during the 2024 International Roofing Expo® (IRE) this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a competition to promote careers in roofing industry management, in which each team creates their own roofing company, assuming roles of project manager, safety manager, superintendent and more to illustrate their roofing, estimating and safety knowledge.

This year’s student project was the Formula 1™ Paddock Building in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ten schools were tasked with researching the project, reviewing plans and specifications and creating a qualified bid package for the judges in November 2023. The top five finalists were invited to Las Vegas to present oral presentations in front of a panel of judges.

Taking second place in this year’s competition, Colorado State University was among the finalists to present during the IRE. Team captain Will Macguire and his teammates appeared on the RoofersCoffeeShop® live sound stage for an interview with Heidi J. Ellsworth after their presentation. They shared their experience preparing for the competition and what they learned about the world of roofing.

Will was extremely proud of how his team handled the presentation. He shared, “I think it went well today. I think our team was very well prepared and well-rehearsed and I think we have a good chance of placing this year.”

After the presentation, the panel of judges assume roles as general contractor, owner and members of the design team to ask questions of the presenters. Having the opportunity to walk the exhibit floor proved advantageous in answering these questions. Will explained one of the booths that stood out to them: “Carson brought it up during our question phase of the presentation. It was a paver system with pedestals that could move at different degrees. So, it helped slope the roof when it was draining, which was cool.”

The team shared their excitement in gaining exposure to the roofing industry through this competition. When asked what they were looking for in prospective employers, they all agreed that having a work life balance was important. Team member Caleb Borton added, “I think the culture is what matters to me the most. If we have people that we work with that we like, I want to be there. That’s all. It’s all about the people.”

Registration for the 2024-25 Construction Management Student Competition will be available this summer. Watch Colorado State University’s full interview below and visit the RoofersCoffeeShop YouTube channel to view videos from the other 2024 competing teams here.