Donor Stories

"As I contemplated my gift to the Roofing Alliance, I realized I wanted to leave a meaningful gift to honor this great industry that has given so much to me while also helping transform the future generation of students and leaders long after my own involvement ends."
~ Dennis Conway, Las Vegas

"Our gift to the Roofing Alliance provided us an opportunity to help make the industry better; it was an easy decision for us to give back to this great industry that has served us all so well."
~ William and Lacey Collins, Wayne, Pa.

"We feel strongly that our planned gift to the Roofing Alliance will help advance and shape the future of our industry, and we are proud to be a Founding Donor. Leaving this legacy is important to us both professionally and personally, and we hope it will help fund important research in the years ahead."
~ Kelly and Lance Van Winkle, Grand Prairie, Texas