Course #3: Roofing Business Principles and Leadership

Clemson LogoUnveil the entrepreneurial facets of the roofing industry through the transformative Roofing Business Principles and Leadership course, scheduled for online launch later this month. Building upon the insights gained from the previous courses, this curriculum delves into the business and leadership realms, providing a comprehensive roadmap to success.

Key topics encompassed in this transformative course include:

  • Navigating the Distinct Landscape of Roofing vs. General Contracting
  • Initiating and Nurturing a Flourishing Roofing Construction Business
  • Cultivating Effective Leadership and Fostering a Robust Organizational Culture
  • Mastering Communication Strategies for Seamless Collaboration
  • Strategic Sales and Marketing in the Roofing Domain
  • Streamlining Procurement and Resource Sourcing
  • Unveiling Manufacturing Dynamics
  • Optimizing Distribution Networks
  • Navigating the Multi-Faceted Realm of Roofing Industry Work

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The investment in your professional growth is $895 per course. Members of the NRCA enjoy an exclusive $100 discount, while Roofing Alliance Members receive an exceptional $300 discount with each course priced at only $595. Additionally, inquire about our special bulk pricing discounts to maximize value for your company.

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