Roofing Alliance/Clemson Certificate Program FAQ

  1. What is the Roofing Alliance/Clemson Certificate Program?
    The Roofing Alliance/Clemson Certificate Program is designed for individuals, whether students or industry professionals, aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge in roofing essentials, management and business principles. It consists of three courses: Roofing Fundamentals, Roofing Management, and Roofing Business Principles and Leadership.
  2. Who is eligible to enroll in the program?
    Anyone interested in advancing their understanding about the essential elements pivotal to professional roofing construction, best practices, management, and business principles should enroll in the program. This includes those new to the industry, established individuals in the field, and students seeking to enter the field.
  3. What courses are included in the program?
    The program comprises the following three courses:
    • Roofing Fundamentals Course – This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and study of essential elements that are critical to professional roof construction. The key topics covered in this first course include the different types of roofing systems and their assembly, reading roofing blueprints, reading roofing specifications, roofing estimating, roofing safety, roof repair, and maintenance and technology.
    • Roofing Management Course – This course builds on the foundational knowledge and covers concepts at a deeper level within the management aspects of the roofing industry, such as building codes, sustainability, risk management, quality control and quality assurance, field crew management, roof scheduling, site logistics, and roofing equipment.
    • Roofing Business Principles and Leadership Course – This course, covers concepts related to being an entrepreneur in the roofing industry such as leadership and organizational culture, negotiation, starting a roofing business, sustaining a roofing business, procurement and resource sourcing, sales and marketing, and innovation in the roofing industry.
  4. How much does each course cost?
    Each online course is priced at $895. However, Roofing Alliance members receive a $300 discount for each course by using an exclusive promo code at registration. Additionally, Roofing Alliance members who enroll 20 or more employees in a single course can save an additional10%, reducing the cost to $535 per course.

    NRCA members receive a $100 discount for each course with a promo code. Additionally, NRCA members who enroll 50 or more employees in one course will save an additional 10%, reducing the cost to $715 per course.

    Please email to receive your promo code.
  5. How do I register for the courses?
    Registration for the courses is done through a common registration link. Upon clicking "enroll," participants will find a field to enter the applicable promo code.
  6. How long do I have to complete the course?
    The courses typically take approximately 8 hours to complete, and participants have 60 days from enrollment to finish. Additionally, participants need to pass the certificate exam with a score of 75% or better.
  7. How are certificates issued upon completion?
    Upon successful completion of each course, participants receive a joint certificate from Clemson University and the Roofing Alliance. These certificates feature both logos to signify the collaboration between the two entities.

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