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Reports and Publications

Most Roofing Alliance-funded projects produce final reports or publications. Some are available for purchase through NRCA's bookstore and others are available on a complimentary basis upon request to the Roofing Alliance. (All are complimentary to Roofing Alliance members upon request.)

The following reports and publications are available for purchase through NRCA's bookstore. When you click on the title, you will be directed to the bookstore where you can purchase the item. (Roofing Alliance members should contact Roofing Alliance staff to request their complimentary copies.)

Moisture in New Concrete Roof Decks
A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and its Workforce
The Roofing Industry in 2025

To request copies of the following final reports and white papers, please email your information to Jessica Priske at

Mailing Address
City, State and Zip
Report being requested

AIR Movement Impacts of Roofing Systems—2016
Asphalt Fumes Update—2013
Best Employment Practices for the Roofing Industry
Business and Contract Strategies for Solar PV Systems in Roofing Applications—2011
Comprehensive Nonresidential Building Analysis to Estimate the Current Reality of Roofing Longevity—2003
Contractor Liability Insurance Report—2005
Employee Satisfaction in the Roofing Industry: Quantitative Results
Hispanics in Roofing—2016
Identification and Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Roofing Industry
Long-Term Reflective Performance of Roof Surfaces in the Chicago Area—2013
Penn State 2007 Solar Decathlon Sponsorship and An Assessment of Green Buildings and the Solar Photovoltaic Industry—2008
Recruiting and Retaining Workers in the New Millennium—2000
Report for Evaluation of the Green Roof R-value at Penn State—2008
Solving the Recruitment Puzzle—Recruiting Quality Workers from Work-release and Community Correctional Facilities—1998
Solving the Recruitment Puzzle—Recruiting Women to Work in the Roofing Industry—1998
Solving the Recruitment Puzzle—Recruiting Workers from High Schools and Vocational-Technical Institutes—1998
Successful Rooftop Photovoltaic: How to Achieve a High-Quality Well-Maintained Compatible Rooftop PV System—2008

For more information or to request final reports and white papers, contact:

Jessica Priske, Manager, the Roofing Alliance
(847) 493-7517