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Current Projects

Following are the studies, programs and projects that are currently in progress. Regular status reports are given to Roofing Alliance members at their annual April and fall meetings.

Helping our Own—ongoing (2007—funding is approved on an as-need basis—$90,383 has been distributed to date to a total of five individuals and/or families). In 2007, The Alliance expanded its funding initiatives to helping our own, which includes reaching out to the roofing community and its members and helping fund projects dedicated to good works and charitable giving. The funding mission expansion serves to balance the programs supported by the Alliance to enable it to affect more lives in the roofing industry. Through a nomination process, the Alliance recognizes and identifies the challenges associated with life-changing events and provides assistance to create sustainable solutions for individuals or families in need.

Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program—ongoing (2007—$650,000 [$400,000 scholarship funds collected since the Alliance's inception plus $250,000 designated for the next five years.]) The Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program was established with a unanimous vote among Alliance members. Not only does the program recognize Melvin Kruger as a great industry leader but also as a person who has devoted much of his life to the cause of education. The ongoing goal is to create a permanent scholarship fund of at least $2 million. Annual scholarships in the amount of $5,000 are awarded to post-secondary students from NRCA contractor and supplier member firms. With the 2019-20 school year, a total of $845,000 has been awarded to 130 students.

Employee Outreach—committed, ongoing program (2016-2020—$63,231 total committed) This initiative is for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards program, which recognizes employees for their exceptional achievements and contributions to the roofing industry and their charitable contributions to their communities. The program identifies and honors a maximum of 10 outstanding roofing workers each year. The winners are recognized at NRCA's Industry Awards Ceremony, which is held in conjunction with the International Roofing Expo.

Construction Management Schools Initiative—committed, ongoing program (Total commitment as of 2019-20—$526,233) This initiative involves developing relationships with faculty and students in construction management schools with the following goals: (1) To develop roofing-specific material that can be integrated into current course curricula. (2) To develop an internship program for students. (3) To offer faculty and student scholarships. (4) To conduct student competitions where students are given a complex roofing issue to solve. Finalist teams then attend the International Roofing Expo, where they present their final report to a panel of judges. (5) To develop a faculty research program. (6) To establish student chapters or clubs for students interested in exploring careers in roofing.

CM Cares (2015—$50,000 pledged over five years until 2020) Housed in the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University, CM CARES is a service learning initiative focused on teaming students, faculty, staff and industry partners to assist with construction-related projects for people with special needs or local community service agencies needing assistance.

Gold Circle Awards Program—committed, ongoing (2017-2020—$30,775 total committed) This program annually recognizes Roofing Alliance and NRCA members for outstanding contributions to the roofing industry and unique roofing-related jobs, programs and services completed between June 1 and May 31. The categories include: Outstanding Workmanship; Innovative Solutions; and Safety Preparedness and Performance. The winners are recognized at NRCA's Industry Awards Ceremony, which is held in conjunction with the International Roofing Expo.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Nationwide Partnership (2017-2020—$150,000 total committed) Through this partnership, Roofing Alliance and NRCA members align with the 165 stand-alone Ronald McDonald houses throughout the U.S to care for their roofing needs. Members conduct regular inspections of the houses' roof systems, ensure they are properly maintained, perform repairs when necessary and are involved when the roof systems need to be replaced. The core purpose of the Ronald McDonald houses is to provide homes for family members of children who are being treated at a hospital. Many of the children have cancer; others were born prematurely. The houses provide private sleeping rooms and meals and pride themselves on offering opportunities for families to interact as they go through their difficult times. Families are asked to pay a nominal fee (about $10 per day) to stay in one of the houses, but no family is rejected if the fee is problematic.

Bring Awareness to the Roofing Industry Focused College Course (2019-20—$48,600) This study will develop and implement an undergraduate/graduate three-credit college course specific to the roofing industry that will educate the students on the overall roofing industry and make them aware of the roofing industry as a potential career option. This is in response to an increased concern over the lack of workforce in the near future in the roofing industry. The goal is to have the course offered January, 2020.

Career Technical Education (CTE) (2019-20—$25,000) The Roofing Alliance and NRCA will become more fully engaged within the CTE community and collaborate with industry and national partners such as the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and SkillsUSA during the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Both organizations provide value and multiple opportunities for NRCA and the Roofing Alliance to expand its outreach and footprint in the career and technical fields to not only establish roofing as a core curriculum within schools, but to also enable our members to address the workforce shortages they are facing across the country. The funding is for NRCA’s partnership with SkillsUSA. A joint NRCA/Roofing Alliance Task Force has been established to collaborate and engage with CTE national partners and schools to expand the roofing industry's footprint within the trades and address workforce shortages.

Committed/Continued Project funding for 2019-20
$  18,231 – Employee Outreach expenses (MVP program)
$    4,275 – Gold Circle Awards program expenses
$  93,300 – Construction Management Initiative
$  10,000 – final installment for Colorado State University's CM Cares program
$  70,870 – Ronald McDonald House Charities© Partnership and funds earmarked for house projects
$ 196,676 – total committed

NEW Project funding for 2019-20
$  48,600 – Bring Awareness to the Roofing Industry Focused College Course
$  25,000 – Funding for NRCA’s Partnership with SkillsUSA and Career Technical Education (CTE) Outreach
$  73,600 — total NEW funding

$270,276 total funding for 2019-20

A TOTAL OF 48 PROJECTS HAVE BEEN FUNDED to date — $5,654,199