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Roofing Alliance Announces Successful Completion of First Clemson Roofing Class

Clemson University develops and deploys the first construction management roofing class funded by the Roofing Alliance.

(Rosemont, Ill.) August 31, 2020—The Roofing Alliance, the foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is proud to announce the successful completion of the first three-credit roofing course developed by and offered as part of Clemson University's Construction Science & Management (CSM) Department. The Roofing Alliance provided funding for the development of the course in response to the growing industry concern over the lack of a qualified workforce. Clemson developed and implemented the college course to introduce construction management students to the basics of the roofing industry and to expose them to potential career paths.

The Roofing Alliance funds research studies, projects and initiatives every year that address both the current and future needs of the roofing industry. Seeing that the construction industry has been facing the predominant challenge of a declining workforce, Clemson University submitted a funding request to support the development and implementation of a roofing course in the spring of 2019. Working hand-in-hand with Roofing Alliance members, Dr. Dhaval Gajjar, a professor in the CSM department developed the curriculum that would bring roofing knowledge to the construction management program.

Once the course was developed and the curriculum, syllabus and testing finalized, Gajjar invited Roofing Alliance members to participate in the class. The roofing professionals shared real-life scenarios and industry-specific knowledge to help students understand the basics of the industry and to expose them to potential career opportunities. Student reviews for the class confirmed the success of both the roofing course and the involvement of the roofing professionals.

“The study was successful with 21 students (both graduate and undergraduate) enrolled in the course for spring 2020,” stated Gajjar. “Sixteen Roofing Alliance member companies participated in the classroom as guest lecturers and 90+ companies donated course material used for developing the content for this course.”

“The course was remarkably interesting. I got to learn a lot about the different materials used for roofing and also their application procedures. The first half of the course that included lectures from industry experts was extremely exciting and I liked the pattern of the course. I would definitely recommend my friends from the CSM and Civil Engineering department to take this course in the future,” stated one of the Clemson students.

“Clemson also participated in the Roofing Alliance Student Competition at the 2020 International Roofing Expo. The combination of the roofing class and the first-time appearance as a finalist in the student competition show the emerging interest in roofing and hope for continued recruitment of the future generation,” stated Bennett Judson, Executive Director of the Roofing Alliance.

The three-credit roofing class curriculum is now available. Initially, the Roofing Alliance will be donating the course materials to construction management schools who are members of the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). It will be available for purchase to all others. “I am looking forward to working with other colleges and universities in implementing the course in their Construction Management schools,” stated Gajjar. “As part of this funding project I am available to answer questions and support the expansion of this course in other universities, community colleges or even vocational schools.”

For more information on the Roofing Alliance, its funded projects or the student competition contact Bennett Judson, the Roofing Alliance’s executive director, at or visit

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