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Meet MVP Winner Piotr Lis

Art meets construction where this superintendent shines.

Every year, the Roofing Alliance’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards program recognizes and celebrates workers who are nominated by their coworkers in two categories: 1) Workers who exemplify dedication to their work, employees, and company; demonstrate a strong work ethic; and practice excellent leadership, initiative, and resourcefulness. 2) Workers who show compassion for others outside the workplace and volunteer their time with their communities, churches, families, and friends.

MVPs are dedicated to their work and to helping others, going above and beyond to get the job done and ensure everyone feels valued for what they do. Seven winners were selected for 2020. At RoofersCoffeeShop® we live by our motto of Roofing Respect® and are highlighting each of the MVP award winners. Keep reading to understand how these devoted individuals add value to their workplace and contribute to the world around them.

Art comes in many different forms and many different materials. From toy swords and shields as a young boy to the copper fascia on a roof today, Piotr Lis has always had a talent for making creations that shine. A lifelong metal craftsman, Piotr is currently a sheet metal superintendent at KPost Company in Dallas, Texas. KPost, an industry-leading roofing and waterproofing contractor offering commercial and residential services, welcomed him aboard just two years ago. As superintendent, Piotr contributes a unique combination of qualities and traits that give new meaning to “the art of construction.” In addition to the unparalleled metalworking craftsmanship for which he has become so well known, Piotr’s innovative mentality allows him to cultivate forward-thinking solutions for both project dilemmas and the betterment of the company. The nature of Piotr’s experiences in the trade have led to the culmination of his calling as a mentor with an ever-evolving desire to recognize the importance of training and education.

Piotr’s story begins in Poland, where he was born into generations of skilled metalworkers. Growing up in Zabrze, in the Silesia Region, Piotr spent much of his childhood learning the trade from his father and uncle; two of the top craftsmen in the industry. He would often be in the metal shops observing while they worked, and by the age of six he had already discovered his own passion for the art of metal when he began crafting his own toys.

A pivotal influence in the development of Piotr’s career, the mastering of his skills and his desire to dream big is his father. While Piotr was growing up, his father frequently traveled to America for metalworking contracts, many of which were in New York City. Proudly following in his father’s footsteps, Piotr came to America at the age of 19 on a specialty craftsman contract in Brooklyn, New York, and surrounding areas where he subsequently worked on various restoration, historical and sheet metal projects. This journey to New York kickstarted Piotr’s career in the industry, later leading him to Texas where he worked various jobs in construction and spent time running the metal department at the world-renowned Potter Art Metal Studios, before finally making his way to KPost.

Jeff Hammond, a senior project manager at KPOST and Piotr’s teammate, explains how Piotr’s father helped shape a future in mentorship. Jeff said, “Piotr understands the importance of training others as he himself trained as an apprentice under a master craftsman (his father) to become who he is today. He is calm and passionate as he teaches those below him on multiple crews.” Of his experience working with Piotr, Jeff acknowledged his teammate’s work ethic, ability to mitigate any potential job concerns, and his fine craftsmanship. The following statement from Jeff paints a picture of the impact Piotr’s work can create: “The man is a magician when it comes to metal. In all my years in construction I have never come across a worker with such talent and ability to make a vision come to life.”

The many projects that Piotr has worked on during his time at KPost are a manifestation of this process of bringing a vision to life, as described by Jeff. Notable projects to which Piotr has contributed include The Davis Building in downtown Dallas, East Quarter and the Grapevine Rail Station & Garage.

Gunner Luleff, an assistant project manager who worked on the Davis Building with Piotr, explained that the building featured a copper cupola roof at the highest point, a potential challenge that Piotr helped to conquer. Gunner said, “At the start of the project it seemed like a tough feat to accomplish but once Piotr got a hold of the drawings it was smooth sailing for everyone. He is one of a kind.”

Chris Housley of Andres Construction described his overall experience working with Piotr and KPost on East Quarter as a pleasant one and was happy to discuss the positive contributions he admires from Piotr and the KPost Team. “One of the more specific aspects to KPost’s success is the quality of their onsite supervision and craftsmen. The effort KPost’s team puts forth to coordinate with other trades and MCC are what I would consider above and beyond the industry standard.”

KPost VP of Brand & Risk, Renae Bales, was pleased with the daily report that resulted from the fabrication of copper fascia project at the Grapevine Rail Station & Garage. Renae said, “This is another great example of Piotr’s knowledge of the metal, the equipment and how to make adjustments accordingly, train his team and create beautiful pieces for the projects he manages.”

All of the positive contributions that Piotr has made and will continue to make as a KPost employee were discussed by Thomas Williams, Director of Operations, who had many kind words to say about Piotr’s character, career, industry experiences and craftmanship. While Piotr is so well known for his excellent metalwork, Williams gave us an in-depth look at Piotr’s passion for training and education. He described how Piotr has become a mentor in the sheet metal department and leads the KPost University Sheet Metal Class, which runs twice a year for 12 weeks, with 10-20 students per class.

Williams then goes on to explain how Piotr’s training efforts extend beyond his own department. He said, “Piotr has proposed many training courses within the company to train selected groups of sheet metal mechanics about basic trigonometry, layout techniques, soldering techniques, how to use specialty tools, programming and operating machinery and more. He is just not thinking about himself and his self-growth, but genuinely cares about the growth of the company and the people he works with.”

Additionally, Piotr is determined to use his furthered education to contribute to his company. As Williams explains, “He is currently enrolled at The University of Texas, Dallas working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering. “Piotr, with his forward thinking, is excited to use this degree with KPost and open new lines of business and opportunities for the company.”

Piotr serves as a symbol of what it means to be an invaluable member of your company, your community, and your industry. The combination of his skills and experience highlight art and character in a way that gives new meaning to “the art of construction.

Thomas Williams summarizes it best. “I have been in the construction industry for over 35 years and have yet to come across someone like Piotr. Piotr is a rare breed. Sheet metal isn’t a job for him, it is an art.”

For more information on the MVP awards and nomination visit the Roofing Alliance’s MVP Program webpage.