Why You Should Invest in the Roofing Industry Part 2

With over five million dollars in raised funding efforts to date, the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is proud to support educational, technical, and philanthropic projects that help shape the future of roofing. In this two-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance are discussing a few of the benefits of joining a membership-based organization that is dedicated to investing in the future of the roofing industry. This includes:  

  • In the first part, we discussed how funding roofing-related projects can help combat the skills gap issue that presently exists in roofing. 
  • In this part, we will focus on two other critical components of roofing: embracing roofing technology and innovation and giving back to the roofing community.  

If you are an active member of the Roofing Alliance, from September through December is the annual call for funding requests. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative or you are interested in membership opportunities with the organization, please visit the Roofing Alliance’s website.  

2) Embracing Technology and Innovation

Technology is one of the four core values of the Roofing Alliance. In order to thrive in the future, it’s critical that leaders within the roofing industry embrace innovation and technology today. With this principle in mind, the Roofing Alliance has supported a myriad of programs and projects that focus on technical, educational, safety-related, and environmental initiatives. Recently, the Roofing Alliance has committed significant funding to critical research projects that focus on topics like the impact of air movement on roofing systems, moisture release in concrete roof decks, and a silica data collection project. When you invest in roofing innovation and technology, you invest in more efficient ways to take on projects, safer jobsites, and more sustainable roofing system designs. 

3) Giving Back to the Community 

As the Roofing Alliance consists of many of the most established members of the roofing community, including roofing contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, one of the main objectives of the organization is to enrich the wellbeing of the community. Some successful programs funded and supported by the Roofing Alliance include:

  • Helping Our Own Program: The Roofing Alliance provides support to roofing families that have recently experienced a life-altering circumstance.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities©: In a partnership with RMHC, members provide inspections and maintenance to the Houses.
  • MVP Awards Program: The Roofing Alliance provides awards to outstanding members of the roofing community. One program funded by members is the Most Valuable Player Awards, celebrating roofing professionals that provide great work both on the jobsite and in the community. 

To learn more about membership opportunities or programs and projects funded or supported by this membership-based organization, please visit the Roofing Alliance’s website.

Membership opportunities with the Roofing Alliance are available to all roofing professionals. For more information on our organization’s objectives or how you can join the Roofing Alliance, please contact us today.