Virtual Meetings

Roofing Alliance members held their first ever virtual meetings April 23 and April 28. The Joint Finance and Financial Development Committee and Board of Trustees held a 4 1/2-hour meeting April 23, followed by a Roofing Alliance Member meeting with a record 88 participants April 28.

Although members missed the in-person networking element of the annual meeting, they worked diligently to address the business at hand. The outcome of their determination and stamina was a productive meeting that set the course for the new fiscal year. Click here for a complete copy of the April 28 meeting minutes.

Following are a few key highlights from the meeting:

Members who participated approved the 2020-21 Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship and General Operating budgets, including:

  • $50,000 in annual Melvin Kruger Scholarship Funds
  • $50,000 for branding expenses
  • Funds to continue working with Bill Good regarding fundraising, our RMHC partnership and our Construction Management Initiative
  • (Contact Bennett to request a copy of the approved operating budgets for 2020-21.)

A total of $272,253 was approved in committed and new program/project funding:

$  8,804 Employee Outreach expenses (MVP program)
$  2,200 Gold Circle Awards program expenses
$ 71,480 Construction Management Initiative
$ 51,000 Ronald McDonald House Charities® Partnership
$ 80,098 Workforce Education & Retention—Roofing Industry Focused College Course, Phase 2
$ 58,671 Evaluating the Efficacy of the Virtual Reality Technology for Improving the Roofing Construction Worker’s Safety Perception, with the stipulation that a task force will be formed. The task force will have discussions with faculty to identify some preliminary issues the study should focus on; discuss/understand the process involved; and have a clear understanding of the deliverables. The task force then will determine whether to release the funds for the study.

Dr. Dhaval Gajjar gave an update regarding the current course offered at Clemson, “Principles of Roofing from Design to Installation and Beyond,” which was developed with funding approved at the April 2019 member meeting.

The curriculum was developed with information collected from a member survey and input from a task force that worked closely with Dr. Gajjar. Click here for a copy of the course flyer and curriculum. A number of Roofing Alliance members participated as guest lecturers and provided products. Twenty-one students were enrolled in the course. At the end of the class, Dr. Gajjar handed out a survey, and one of the questions revealed 50% of the students were interested in an internship and/or a full-time career in the roofing industry. Click here for a list of these students.