The Roofing Alliance’s Commitment to Education Initiatives and the 2019-2020 Construction Management Student Competition Part 1

The Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is committed to advancing the industry through a variety of initiatives focusing on technology, philanthropy, sustainability, and education. With a variety of challenges facing the roofing industry, including a skilled labor gap that continues to widen, the Roofing Alliance is dedicated to resolving important issues facing the industry. This includes providing prospective roofing professionals with the opportunity to participate in a variety of roofing professional development programs funded and supported by the Roofing Alliance. 

In this two-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance will first discuss some of the long-term educational objectives of the membership-based organization. In the second part, we will fill you in on more details regarding the format of the construction management student competition and this year’s competition. Time is running out for your construction management program to compete in the 2019/2020 Construction Management Student Competition. To learn more about the Roofing Alliance’s partnership with construction management programs, please visit our website

Construction Management Background

The Roofing Alliance is committed to the future of the roofing industry. This includes funding, supporting, and facilitating a variety of education objectives that aim to educate, train, and provide roofing professional development opportunities for the next generation of roofers. These initiatives include: 

  • Scholarship Programs: The Roofing Alliance provides roofing industry scholarships to outstanding students and faculty members. Established by the Roofing Alliance, the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program Offers two scholarship categories.  (1)Accredited Post-Secondary Institution Scholarship – for individuals planning to pursue a post-secondary education and are seeking to further their education to pursue careers in the roofing or building construction industries.  (2) Reid and DeaNa Ribble/Career Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship – for individuals planning to attend a vocational or technical trade school and are seeking a career in the roofing industry including, but not limited to, roofing and sheet metal installers/fabricators, crane and equipment operators, foremen and superintendents, warehouse and inventory specialists and other roofing trade specialties.
  • Outreach Programs: Members of the Roofing Alliance are involved in teaching classes on roofing-related topics at distinguished universities and are focused on integrating roofing educational material into construction management program curriculum. Whether it’s offering postgraduate opportunities in roofing or providing information on roofing industry internship programs, our goal is to introduce, educate, and recruit the next generation of roofing professionals. 
  • Student Competition: One way to promote roofing objectives and introduce intelligent young minds to roofing opportunities is through hosting an annual construction management student competition. With many Roofing Alliance members involved in mentoring these student competition teams, this national competition replicates many professional roofing assignments and responsibilities by roofing companies, including participating in a bid process. The program also gives students first-hand experience developing a strategy for a roofing project and pitching this concept in a public setting.   


To learn more about roofing professional development opportunities and the 2019/2020 Construction Management Student Competition, please read the second part of this article.  

Membership opportunities with the Roofing Alliance are available to all roofing professionals. For more information on our organization’s objectives or how you can join the Roofing Alliance, please contact us today.