Roofing Alliance Members at Work

Your financial support is needed and much appreciated as the Roofing Alliance continues to fund programs, projects and studies benefiting our industry. But equally important is member involvement. We have strong support from a number of you who are actively involved in our committees and task forces. Numerous committees and task forces have been meeting virtually. Here are a few highlights:

Clemson Curriculum Development Task Force—This group met virtually in May and June. Dr. Dhaval Gajjar shared the students’ responses to a perception survey taken at the completion of phase one, “Principles of Roofing from Design to Installation and Beyond.” Student responses included: “enjoyed the industry involvement in the classroom”; “interested in internships or full-time positions within the roofing industry”; and “interested in pursuing a certificate program in roofing.”

The next step is working on phase two, “Workforce Education and Retention Initiatives,” which will digitize the course materials from the first class and develop two additional three-credited hour classes that allow students to graduate with a certificate in roofing. Once the course materials are complete, the Roofing Alliance will own all course materials and can decide how to offer the materials to other schools and companies.

A key element in the classroom programs is having you, our members, willing to share the materials with your local schools; participate in the classes as guest lecturers; or provide roofing products.

Mississippi State Virtual Reality Task Force—The task force is in the process of vetting the funding request approved for “Evaluating the Efficacy of the Virtual Reality Technology for Improving the Roofing Construction Worker’s Safety Perception” presented by faculty from Mississippi State University. The request is for the development of virtual reality technology to train new hires regarding roofing safety before going up on a roof. The technology is intended to be an additional resource—not to replace any existing training materials or programs.

Construction Management Schools Initiative Committee—Members held a virtual call to discuss the 2020-21 Construction Management Student Competition. Thanks to Dennis Conway with Commercial Roofers Inc., Las Vegas, this year’s project will be the new Las Vegas Raiders Practice Facility in Henderson, Nev. The system used for the project was Sarnafil Reflective Grey Membrane, R-30 insulation, mechanically attached over a metal deck. The project encompassed 1,118 squares. The extent of the contractor’s work for the teams will be all lower-level roofs.

Thank you to Allen Lancaster for serving as the new chair and to Scott Kawulok and Bruce McCrory for serving as sub-chairs for judges and mentors. Once teams begin committing, we will reach out to members to serve as mentors.

The Branding Committee met virtually to discuss branding outreach for the year. Some next steps include a brief member survey asking for member input; collecting testimonials from current and new members to be used for creating promotional pieces and social media posts; sponsoring podcasts for NRCA’s “Stories of an Extraordinary Industry”; and creating our own Ronald McDonald House Charities® podcast series profiling partners in our initiative.

Do you have knowledge/skills that could benefit our committees and task forces? Would you like to be involved? Click here to see the list of Roofing Alliance committees and task forces and their objectives, and let Bennett Judson know whether there are any with which you would like to join.