Recognizing Excellence in the Roofing Industry: Meet 2019 MVP Winner Miguel Lopez

Does your roofing business have an employee that deserves the honor of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award? Every year, the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), celebrates the accomplishments of professional roofers for their excellent work on roofing systems and for their selfless contributions to those in need in the community through the organization’s MVP Awards Program. 

In this brief article, members of the Roofing Alliance will focus on the accomplishments of one of the five recipients of the 2019 MVP Awards, Miguel Lopez. As a Roofing and Sheet Metal General Superintendent with Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, Miguel has been a cornerstone of the roofing company for over two decades. His commitment to safety initiatives and mentoring the next generation of roofing professionals earned him the honor of an MVP Award. Whether it’s outstanding workmanship and professionalism or a commitment to community service in the roofing industry, if your company has an MVP worthy candidate, visit the Roofing Alliance’s website to learn more about how to nominate an excellent roofing professional at your business.  

A Proactive Safety Advocate on the Jobsite

Although there are a variety of qualities related to job performance that the Roofing Alliance considers when awarding roofing professionals an MVP honor, a few of the most important characteristics are a strong work ethic, showcasing leadership traits, being a team player, and earning an outstanding safety record. Miguel Lopez exemplifies each of these traits and more. 

When it comes to on-the-job safety, Miguel’s impressive knowledge of safety protection equipment and more than 20 years of experience with Chamberlin make him an invaluable member of the team. Justin Lambert, Safety Director at Chamberlin, states, “He understands the importance of safety on a jobsite and takes his safety training seriously… He is proactive on his jobsites and puts the safety of his crew and others as a top priority.” 

When inspecting jobsites, Miguel is known for his meticulous approach that involves assessing every single aspect of every jobsite he works on, including each piece of equipment and all of the fall protection system components before work begins. If a safety issue is identified during Miguel’s assessment process, he is quick to correct the issue. Miguel’s knowledge and commitment to his team have earned him an excellent safety record with Chamberlin.

Bill Lawson, Vice President of Roofing and Sheet Metal Operations, believes that it’s Miguel’s precision and accuracy when performing a task that make him such an amazing roofing professional. Lawson states, “I have known Miguel to successfully oversee and complete a multitude of projects varying from fifty thousand-dollar projects to million-dollar re-roofs.  He dedicates the same attentiveness to his work, the people and safety on each and every job.” Lawson continues, “Miguel takes pride in all of his work, whether it is a 450,000-square-foot roof installation or filling out paperwork. His drive for precision and accuracy in everything he does sets him apart from the rest.” 

An Unwavering Commitment to the Roofing Community

While Miguel’s commitment to safety on every type of project makes him an invaluable member of Chamberlin, his passion and devotion to his team also makes him a tremendous role model for the company. Whether it’s working long hours or assisting with a task outside his work responsibilities there are tons of stories from Miguel’s coworkers and clients that exemplify his willingness to go the extra mile for the betterment of others. For example, when the company’s training and education program needed a course instructor, Miguel immediately volunteered his services and became the first superintendent in the program’s history to teach a course. As Joe Cotten, Roofing and Sheet Metal Operations Manager, states, “He leads by example and works alongside his crew, teaching and mentoring.” 

Whether it’s his commitment to safety practices, going above and beyond to help his team, or educating the young roofing professionals of Chamberlin, Miguel Lopez is a hardworking, committed, and excellent representative of the roofing industry that has rightfully earned the honor of the Roofing Alliance’s MVP Award.

Does your roofing company have an employee that stands out above all others? To nominate an outstanding employee as an MVP candidate from your business, visit and fill out a nomination form for the 2020 MVP Awards Program.

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