Recognizing Excellence in the Roofing Industry: Meet 2019 MVP Winner Jose de Jesus Zermeno

The Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is committed to improving the future of the roofing industry. In addition to programs, projects, and objectives that address educating and training roofing professionals, the Roofing Alliance is also committed to enriching the roofing community with roofing industry scholarships and charitable programs that improve lives away from the workplace. One such program that recognizes excellence both on and away from the jobsite is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards. 

The MVP Awards program honors roofing professionals that not only thrive in their occupation, but also provide exemplary service outside the workplace. One such example of an excellent representative of the MVP Awards program is one of the 2019 winners Jose de Jesus Zermeno. In this brief article, members of the Roofing Alliance will discuss Mr. Zermeno’s accomplishments and why he perfectly embodies the traits of this prestigious award.

A Field Supervisor That Leads By Example 

Jesus Zermeno started working at Antis Roofing and Waterproofing nearly a decade ago. The Southern California roofing company quickly recognized Zermeno’s talents as an effective leader, which lead to consistent promotions and expanded responsibilities. Today, as a Field Supervisor, Zermeno leads a team of technicians and oversees roofing system installations, repairs, and maintenance projects.     

Zermeno’s coworkers praise his ability to lead by example. Narciso Alarcon, Senior Field Operations Manager at Antis, states, “We were growing so quickly I was stretched thin in my efforts to motivate and support the field technicians. Within days after Jesus’ promotion to Field Supervisor I could see the team lose their stress and they were actually able to handle more jobs thanks to his leadership ability.”

Zermeno’s calm, collected, and personable approach to his job tasks makes him one of the most respected employees at Antis. As Ernie Basults, Director of Human Resources, states, “He brings calm to any situation and provides leadership through knowledge, experience and a strong moral compass. He does not react; he engages and listens, then provides a clear path to the solution.” With a strong work ethic, outstanding safety record, and excellent leadership qualities, Zermeno is an attentive and charismatic leader that greatly benefits the roofing projects he works on and the future of the industry. 

Committed to the Roofing Community

Roofing professionals that are selected as MVP winners are not only recognized for their professional contributions in roofing, but also for their exemplary service, commitment, and selfless devotion to the community. Away from the jobsite, Jesus Zermeno is described by friends and coworkers as dependable, trustworthy, compassionate, and charitable. 

Zermeno was one of four members of Antis that traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend  Roofing Day in DC 2018. During his trip to the nation’s capital, Zermeno had the opportunity to meet with Lou Correa, U.S. Representative from California. Correa is aware of Zermeno’s contributions to philanthropic organizations like Habitat for Humanity and cleared his schedule to meet with Zermeno to discuss several roofing-related issues. 

Zermeno’s contributions to Antis and the community are invaluable. Antis Founder and CEO Charles Antis states, “It brings goosebumps to my arms to know that we are truly changing the world in this company due to people like Jesus who show up ‘all in,’ every day, to do good.” 

Does your roofing company have an employee that stands out above all others? To nominate an outstanding employee as an MVP candidate from your business, visit and fill out a nomination form for the 2020 MVP Awards.

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