Recognizing Excellence in the Roofing Industry: Meet 2019 MVP Winner Drew Thomas

As an organization that is committed to bolstering education, training, roofing industry scholarships, technology, and sustainability initiatives, the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is focused on  long-term roofing objectives and the betterment of the community. Each year, the Roofing Alliance recognizes excellence in roofing both on the jobsite and in the community. One such program that celebrates outstanding roofing professionals is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards. 

The MVP Awards Program was created to recognize both outstanding on-the-job performance and workmanship while also showing appreciation for roofing professionals that are committed to noteworthy contributions outside the workplace. As it states on the MVP entry form, MVP winners showcase the following attributes:

  • A strong work ethic 
  • Leadership, initiative and resourcefulness
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Shows support for coworkers
  • Exemplary community service 
  • Commitment
  • Selfless devotion

In this brief article, we will highlight a few of the accolades of one such role model and recipient of a 2019 MVP Award, Drew Thomas of Reliant Roofing, Inc. 

From the Air Force to New Heights in Roofing

As a former loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force, Drew’s military service required him to manage and coordinate Air Force flights. This included precise calculation of the proper weight distribution for flights to ensure the safety of everyone aboard. With a gift for numbers, Drew was the perfect fit as a Superintendent and Assessment Specialist for Reliant Roofing after his military service ended. Working in the field, Drew takes on big roofing projects by surveying every roofing system Reliant replaces or repairs. 

Adrienne Menzies, Director of Public Relations at Reliant, states, “His role is incredibly vital to our company because he specializes in assessing the physical aspects of every roofing project, then provides the roof replacement layout for the crews. Drew supports the implementation of all of our roofing projects by both providing technical advice and guidance, and by being involved in the relevant processes prior, during and subsequent to the roof replacement or repair.”   

A Team Player Through and Through 

Drew’s meticulous attention to detail and precise calculations helps set Reliant apart from competitors, saves the company time, and reduces operational costs. Although his precise calculations and detailed notes are invaluable to Reliant, what truly makes Drew an MVP winner is his leadership and selfless devotion to the rest of his team. 

“He is always more than willing to help employees and clients when it’s needed,” says Morgan Credeur, Client Coordinator for Reliant.  “If you need help in the field on a tough assignment, he’s there. If the office staff has questions, he makes himself available to answer their questions.”  

Whether it’s showing up early to work, staying late, making his coworkers feel valued, or getting a laugh, Drew is considered the ultimate team player at Reliant. 

“Drew Thomas is such a valuable asset to my company.  He is a pivotal reason as to why our team is able to stay on track and on target to meet goals,” states Sean Shapiro, CEO of Reliant. “I wish I could clone him and fill the field with 1,000 Drews! I have no doubt that he’ll continue to create outstanding work.”

Committed to his country, his company, and the roofing industry, Drew Thomas is a gifted mathematician, beloved team player, and an invaluable member of Reliant Roofing. 

Does your roofing company have an employee that stands out above all others? To nominate an outstanding employee as an MVP candidate from your business, visit and fill out a nomination form for the 2020 MVP Awards Program.

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