Recognizing Excellence in the Roofing Industry: Meet 2019 MVP Winner Brandon Reese

The Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), is at the forefront of a variety of roofing objectives, charitable endeavors, and award programs that enhance the roofing industry and improve surrounding communities. One program that recognizes outstanding performance on and off the jobsite by roofing professionals is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards.  

In order to receive the honor of an MVP Award, a candidate is required to not only be outstanding in their roofing occupation, but they must also be involved in charitable deeds outside of roofing. One recent recipient of a 2019 MVP Award, Brandon Reese, exemplifies these fine attributes and more. 

In this brief article, we will highlight some of Brandon’s professional and philanthropic accomplishments, including his role in a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing military veterans with roofing professional development opportunities.  

From Military Service to a Career in Roofing

Only six months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Brandon Reese joined the National Guard. After a nine-month deployment in the Republic of Kosovo, Brandon returned home and began working in the construction industry. The military serviceman quickly realized the challenges of working with non-union contractors. Understanding his frustrations, Brandon’s cousin, a foreman with Korellis Roofing, recruited him to begin working at the roofing company in a pre-apprenticeship role. Interested in job security, career advancement opportunities, and a formal training process, Brandon accepted the position with Korellis.  

A Natural-Born Leader

Shortly after joining Korellis in 2007, Brandon went on his second deployment overseas. When Brandon returned, Korellis Roofing put him to work and the roofing company quickly recognized his leadership skills. 

Dan Kiepura, Director of Roofing Operations, states, “He worked on roofing crews for me at first, but it became evident rather quickly that he was indeed a leader. He showed initiative and I quickly promoted him to a lead technician, granting him his own work truck even though he was still only a third-year apprentice.”     

Today, Brandon is a Lead Service Technician at Korellis and has been with the company for over eleven years. Brandon has worked on a variety of roofing systems, several with unique challenges, and has consistently delivered excellent results that surpass his clients’ expectations and are safety compliant. 

Connecting Military Veterans to the Roofing Industry

As a Sergeant First Class in the National Guard, Brandon has received a variety of military accolades for his outstanding military service. In his free time, he is also committed to recruiting active military members into opportunities in roofing. Brandon works alongside Helmets to Hardhats, a national nonprofit organization that “connects National Guard, Reserve, retired and transitioning active-duty military service members with skilled training and quality career opportunities” in roofing and construction. Along with helping military members find a career path in roofing, the organization is committed to helping veterans transition back into civilian life. 

Aligning Military Values with Roofing Initiatives 

Brandon credits his successful career in roofing to the leadership skills, work ethic, and values he learned during his military career. Brandon’s military background and professionalism are tremendous assets that benefit Korellis as they know they have an excellent representative servicing clients. 

As Dan Kiepura states, “There is a level of trust we need in our service technicians. They are the ‘face’ of our company— meeting with customers and tenants.  They have to explain roof assemblies and issues to people who may not have any familiarity with roof management.”

With excellent leadership skills and a flawless safety record, Brandon has been an incredible addition to the roofing industry. Committed to his country and the U.S. military, Brandon has provided roofing professional development opportunities for countless military veterans transitioning back into civilian life after their service. Brandon Reese is the embodiment of an MVP winner in the Roofing Alliance. 

Does your roofing company have an employee that stands out above all others? To nominate an outstanding employee as an MVP candidate from your business, visit and fill out a nomination form for the 2020 MVP Awards Program.

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