Recognizing Excellence in the Roofing Industry: Meet 2019 MVP Winner Bobby Ainsworth

If your roofing business has an employee that goes above and beyond, they may be the perfect candidate to receive a Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. The Roofing Alliance’s MVP Awards Program recognizes excellence on and off the roof. Each year, a maximum of ten  roofing professionals are recognized for their accomplishments on the jobsite and commitment to community service in the roofing industry

In this brief article, members of the Roofing Alliance will highlight one such representative that was a recipient of an MVP Award in 2019. With nearly 40 years of professional experience in roofing and construction jobs, Bobby Ainsworth has constantly delivered excellent results for clients, given back to the community, and become a crucial team member of Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL). 

A Childhood Education in Construction 

Not many people can claim that they started their career when they were seven years old, but Bobby Ainsworth can. At the age of seven, Bobby worked in construction for his father’s company that specialized in residential construction projects. As a fourth-generation builder, Bobby’s first job required him to remove debris and waste from jobsites, earning him $0.25 per day. By the age of 17, he was running his own crew. 

Today, Bobby is a Commercial Production Manager for Venture. Although he’s come a long way since he was picking up debris on construction sites, the MVP Award winner credits his success to the lessons he learned working through childhood. “You can really pick up a lot of knowledge watching everyone else. I gained a lot of hands-on expertise about many aspects of construction by watching and learning when I was growing up.” 

A Tremendous Asset to his Company

Although Bobby has only been with Venture for three years, the company already considers him a vital part of their operations. “Bobby is great with customers and works extremely well under pressure. Those are two traits that are hard to find, especially together,” says Neysa Nordstrom, Director of Communications and Production Manager. “He is a team player, always sharing his knowledge and helping to find creative ways to problem solve or troubleshoot when needed.” 

Stephen Shanton, CEO of Venture, adds, “In construction, we work with many moving parts including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc. Bobby possesses an expert skill set across the board that is unrivaled. He is a tremendous asset to our team and his problem-solving abilities and background are truly unrivaled.”

Committed to Hurricane Relief Efforts 

Bobby’s hard work and expertise make him an invaluable part of the Venture team. His commitment to safety initiatives and philanthropic endeavors make him an indispensable member of the surrounding community. Bobby not only has the ability to manage complex projects and ensure that work is being performed in compliance with safety regulations, but he’s also devoted to other charitable efforts including hurricane relief projects. 

When Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle in October 2018, Bobby took action and initiated relief efforts for those in need. Whether it was coordinating emergency services, removing debris, or volunteering his time for donations to supply food, water, and other essential items to the surrounding community, he went above and beyond to help those that were in a difficult situation. 

With nearly 40 years of devoted service to roofing and construction jobs and an unrelenting commitment to his team and community, Bobby Ainsworth is an inspirational member of the roofing industry and the perfect ambassador for the honor of winning an MVP Award. 

Does your roofing company have an employee that stands out above all others? To nominate an outstanding employee as an MVP candidate from your business, visit and fill out a nomination form for the 2020 MVP Awards Program.

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