May 2013 Alliance member update

Meeting Location: Napa, Calif.

Meeting Date: 2013-02-18

Dear fellow Alliance members,

First, we want to begin by welcoming the newest member of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress—Brian Levoguer, Roxul Inc., Milton, Ontario!

The Alliance held a great member meeting in Napa, Calif., April 18-19, with 44 members in attendance—24 contractors and 20 manufacturer/distributor/supplier members. And we were pleased to welcome the newest members of the Alliance: Jim Barr, Barr Roofing Co., Abilene, Texas; Chris Salazar and Sarah Jelin, KARNAK Corp., Clark, N.J.; Chris Schmidt, USG SECUROCK® Roofing Solutions, Chicago; and Dale Tyler, National Roofing Partners, Dallas.

The meeting was extremely positive. We not only had great attendance, but for the first time in a long time we had a variety of funding requests to consider. The location was spectacular! Many of our members and their spouses were able to enjoy the local wineries in their free time. The Thursday evening reception at the Meritage pool terrace and the Friday evening wine-tasting reception at Round Pond Estate were scenic, relaxing and ambrosial! Click here for photos of the meetings and the social events.

For a complete update on the meeting, including copies of the minutes and several of the presentations, click here to view the April Alliance Post-meeting Update. But to recap a few of the highlights:

The Board of Trustees awarded 10 $5,000 scholarships for the 2013-14 Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program. There were eight renewals: Gabriella Abbondanza, Alexis Belote, Sean Cawley, Carter Hruby (Fred Good Scholarship), Neil Hourahan, Alexis Plachecki (Firestone Scholarship), Jonathan Poore (Dan Cohen Scholarship) and Kara Sosinski. There also were two new scholarships awarded: Karlee Cox (second Firestone Scholarship) and Josiah Martin.

In light of the devastating tragedy that occurred during the Boston Marathon, Alliance members present at the meeting in Napa agreed it is vital to ensure the Helping Our Own Program has ongoing funds available to provide assistance to individuals in need, such as the three roofing workers from Marshall Roofing in Boston who lost limbs in the Boston Marathon explosion. Therefore, $10,000 will be allocated to the Alliance’s Helping Our Own Fund so funds are available for distribution to such recipients.

Following the meeting, letters and donation forms went out to all Alliance and NRCA members encouraging them to step up and join the effort. Once adequate funds have been raised, the Alliance will make grants to eligible individuals, including victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, in accordance with the Helping Our Own Program’s nomination, selection and distribution process. If you didn’t have a chance to make a donation, there is still time to do so. Click here for a donation form. Your financial support will help create sustainable solutions for families in need.

The Alliance Finance and Financial Development Committee and the Board of Trustees approved a total of $480,000 in new project funding. Of that funding, $455,000 will be included in the 2013-14 budget, and $25,000 (for the Air Retarding Testing) will be deferred to the 2014-15 budget. The following projects were approved:

  • $70,000—Developing relationships with construction management schools—The Alliance will add $5,000 to the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship budget for a separate scholarship, named the “LB Conway Scholarship” after Lynda Conway, to be awarded to construction management students.
  • $25,000—Positioning The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress as a source of data collection—feasibility study. After discussion, it was decided the first step in this project should be a feasibility study to determine what data is available in the industry, whether other organizations are willing to share their data, how the data could be disseminated, etc. The findings of this feasibility study are to be presented to the board at their fall 2013 meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • $25,000—To update the EnergyWise Online Calculator—The board requests tracking usage and including the data in future status reports.
  • $25,000—Air Retarding Testing; the total funding request is $50,000; $25,000 will be deferred to the 2014-15 budget.
  • $200,000—Earmarked for additional RoofPoint™ funding; future funding will be subject to specific criteria and guidelines being met. A letter was sent to the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing outlining the criteria, guidelines, checkpoints and reporting.
  • $10,000—Potential expenses involved with establishing criteria, guidelines, etc., for RoofPoint.
  • $100,000—Update five of the top-selling Roof Application Training Program modules; this was approved at the April 2013 meeting but deferred until the 2013-14 budget.

Member development efforts are going well. Eight visits have been made to date. Four of the prospective firms joined the Alliance and were at the meetings in Napa. Roxul, as previously mentioned, joined just after the Napa meeting. The other two have indicated they are not currently in a position to join because of timing issues and the economy. Another manufacturer visit recently has taken place, and we await the manufacturer’s decision. The Alliance is looking for tier one contractors and manufacturers. Alliance members are encouraged to share any leads they have with the member development team.

Written updates on current Alliance-funded projects were included in the member notebooks. At the meeting, Jim Hoff, research director for the center, gave a final report on RoofPoint. Click here for a copy of the final report on RoofPoint. (A copy of Hoff’s PowerPoint presentation is available upon request.)

During the luncheon program, the following Board of Trustees members whose terms expire May 31 were recognized for their service: Dennis Conway, Commercial Roofers Inc., Las Vegas; Molly Kwiatkowski, Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio; Dan Murphy, Longmeadow, Mass.; Nick Shears, Carlisle SynTec Inc., Carlisle, Pa.; and Rob Therrien, The Melanson Co. Inc., Keene, N.H. The following new officers and trustees were approved as the 2013-14 slate of officers: Jim MacKimm, president; Rob McNamara, vice president; and Ken Farrish, co-secretary/treasurer. New trustees for 2013-17 are: Bob Bechtholdt, Douglass Colony Group, Commerce City, Colo.; Ken Farrish, Atlas Roofing, Atlanta; Rick Jenkins (fulfilling Steve Kubicka’s term until 2015), ABC Supply, Beloit, Wis.; Rhonda Lohmar, CNA, Littleton, Colo.; and Bob Seeley, Derbigum Americas, Kansas City, Mo.

In conclusion, we believe the Alliance has turned a corner—partly because we have money to spend. The funding requests received came in unsolicited, which is good; it means the Alliance is being viewed as a funding source. Overall talk about the Alliance is a lot better, and we approved a variety of project work. We continue to have a great story to tell, but we still need everyone’s help in getting the word out about all the good things that are happening—we need to keep the momentum going. And we need to continue to work on member involvement. We only can continue in our efforts if members remain actively involved every step of the way. We need to continue to be imaginative, intelligent and bold! Working together, we can help the Alliance reach its full potential!

Thank you,

Robert Therrien
Alliance President
The Melanson Co. Inc.
Keene, N.H.

James MacKimm
Alliance Vice President
Beacon Roofing Supply Inc.
Somerville, Mass.

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