Learn More About the Roofing Alliance’s Past Programs and Funding Efforts Part 3

Throughout this three-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), are discussing past programs and projects that were funded and supported by the organization. These programs were funded in an effort to advance the roofing industry as a whole. In parts one and two, we focused on initiatives related to roofing training and roofing studies. In this third part, we will discuss a few more areas in which members of the Roofing Alliance have made a difference, including supporting educational programs and getting involved with community service in the roofing industry.

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Supporting Educational Programs

The Roofing Alliance is committed to educational objectives in all facets of roofing. As far back as 1998, the Roofing Alliance provided funding for the Specialty Construction Academic Consortium designed to ensure that specialty construction practices were incorporated into several of the best educational institutions’ curricula. Over the years, these efforts have continued with funding support towards NRCA objectives, partnerships with distinguished college institutions, and by working with vocational programs. Whether it’s providing roofing scholarship opportunities for outstanding roofing professionals or hosting a national construction management student design competition, we’re committed to education initiatives in roofing. 

Giving Back to the Community

The Roofing Alliance is committed to a variety of philanthropic projects that aim to support the roofing industry, the surrounding communities, and families and individuals in need. Many of the Roofing Alliance’s active philanthropic programs have existed for over a decade, including the Helping Our Own program, a funding initiative dedicated to helping Roofing Alliance members that have experienced a life-changing event. This is just one of many programs and scholarship opportunities the Roofing Alliance provides on an annual basis to offer support to the community. 

The Roofing Alliance also has a history of partnering with national charities in an effort to rebuild communities and install or repair roofing systems for those in need. In 2006, the Roofing Alliance established a relationship with national sponsor, Rebuilding Together. This support included contributing to several volunteer projects, including one in Miami and another in Cleveland, in an effort to rebuild communities in need of home repairs and other improvements. In 2017, the Roofing Alliance partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities®. Today, members of the Roofing Alliance provide roofing needs for over 165 stand-alone Ronald McDonald Houses in the United States that provide homes for families that have a child being treated at a nearby hospital. 

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