Learn More About the Roofing Alliance’s Past Programs and Funding Efforts Part 1

For 23 years, the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), has been a reliable advocate for the roofing industry. The membership-based organization is proud to be an integral part of roofing and to provide funding for a variety of projects to help shape the future of the industry. This includes developing several initiatives focused on technology, philanthropy, sustainability, and education in roofing. 

In this three-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance will discuss several completed (and a few active) projects funded and supported by the organization. It’s important to review these past projects to develop a better understanding of what areas our roofing organization is passionate about and focused on improving, including:

  • In this first part, we will discuss the organization’s funding efforts for roofing professional development and training programs. 
  • In the second part of this article, we will discuss ways the Roofing Alliance has helped support roofing studies and organizations. 
  • In the third part, we will discuss ways that the Roofing Alliance gets involved with education programs committed to roofing and taking part in charitable deeds in the community. 

To learn more about membership opportunities and our funding efforts, please visit the Roofing Alliance’s website

Programs Focused on Roofing Development and Training 

Throughout the years, the Roofing Alliance has helped fund projects and initiatives aimed to train and educate the next generation of roofing professionals. These projects are funded and supported by the organization to combat the labor shortage issue in roofing. This can be done by training more young professionals and recruiting talented new members into the roofing community. One such program funded by the Roofing Alliance was the Roof Application Training Program. As the first program funded in the history of the organization, the Roofing Alliance provided funding to help develop this comprehensive training program that offers on-the-job instruction guidelines, testing, and evaluation materials to assist roofing companies with educating and training their employees. 

Over the years, the Roofing Alliance has remained dedicated to providing effective training for roofing professionals. This includes providing funding to the National Roofing Training Institute, a training facility in Texas that offered prospective roofing professionals the opportunity to learn “pre-apprentice” roofing skills. In 2017, the Roofing Alliance committed funding to help develop NRCA’s ProCertification™ Series, a national training program that offers roofing professionals the opportunity to earn “microcredentials” in areas of roofing. In the near future, this program will offer roofing professionals the opportunity to seek credentials in dozens of areas of roofing. As one of the Roofing Alliance’s primary objectives, members continue to focus on funding training programs that can help bridge the skilled labor gap that currently exists in roofing.    

Membership opportunities with the Roofing Alliance are available to all roofing professionals. For more information on our organization’s objectives or how you can join the Roofing Alliance, please contact us today.