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Guidelines for Nominators

Screening will occur on two levels: one in the field, which is to be done by the nominator, and the other by the Roofing Alliance's Balanced Program Committee. The committee reserves the right to choose the projects it sees fit based on the understanding of committee members of the goals and mission of the Balance Program Committee. Therefore, nominators are discouraged from giving applicants hopes for funding that may not happen.

Nominators are to complete the initial field-level screening based on the recommended guidelines for assessing a fit with the mission of the Balance Program's initiative. Desirable nominees should have a bona fide need that is otherwise uninsured, underinsured or unfunded that is not the result of illegal activity and where a significant loss has been experienced.

Field-Level Screening Guidelines

  • Is the applicant a member of the roofing industry (a worker or family member from a roofing-related business, including contractors, suppliers and manufacturers)?
  • Does application represent a bona fide need?
  • Will a Roofing Alliance contribution make an impact?
  • Was the event or incident the result of illegal activity on the part of the nominee?
  • Is there a pending insurance payment, settlement or litigation?
  • Did the need arise from a work-related or insured injury?

Verification Process

Nominators are to perform due diligence to the extent possible given the context of the applicant's need. These activities shall include:

  • A visit to the nominee
  • An interview with the nominee
  • Discussion with other parties related to the situation, including but not limited to doctors, witnesses, employer, friends and family members
  • Investigation as to income and insurance levels
  • Other inquiries deemed relevant by the committee