Committees and Task Forces at Work

Several of our committees and task forces have been busy. The Scholarship Committee held a conference call June 3 to discuss the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program, including eligibility requirements, information submitted by applicants and named scholarships. The committee will have another call before the end of the month to prepare recommendations. The Clemson Curriculum Development Task Force held a call June 10 with Dr. Dhaval Gajjar. They discussed task force expectations and survey development and distribution to gather input from the industry that can be incorporated into the curriculum. The target date for the course to be in construction management classrooms is January 2020. The Joint NRCA/Roofing Alliance Career Technical Education Task Force held a conference call June 13 to discuss outreach efforts to date and task force objectives and goals. The task force will meet during NRCA’s Midyear Meetings. We will keep you updated as developments occur with all committees and task forces.

We still need members to serve on the following committees and task forces: the Construction Management Schools Initiative Committee—we also are looking for people interested in serving as team mentors and judges; the Gold Circle Awards Committee; the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Task Force; and the Project Review Committee. Please let Bennett Judson know if you are willing to serve on one of these committees or task forces.