Celebrating on the 165th Day!

We are extremely proud of all our Roofing Alliance and NRCA partners supporting our Roofing Alliance partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities® through the adoption of 165 Ronald McDonald House roofs in the U.S.! And, as a way of celebrating this achievement on June 13, which was the 165th day of this year, we asked our partners to post photos and captions of ways they have connected with their local Houses during the year. In addition to tending to the Houses’ roofing needs, we encourage our partners to look for other ways to support House programs.

The partnership between RMHC and the roofing industry is a first for the organization and has been met with rave reviews. “We are grateful to our tremendous partners at the Roofing Alliance and astounded by the collaboration of the industry to support 165 Houses across the country,” said Sheila Musolino, president and CEO of RMHC. “On behalf of the entire RMHC system and the children and families we serve, we thank you for your immense support.”

As a small token of our appreciation, all partners should have received plaques. The last batch was sent out a few weeks ago. If you are a partner and have not received your plaque, please let Bennett Judson know. And let us know if you need striped socks! We encourage you and your team members to wear them and take photos when you volunteer at your House—we recognize some volunteer and inspection activity may be paused because of COVID-19. We also want to remind you to send us information regarding your House roof when you do your annual inspections or perform minor repairs.