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New Member

We are pleased to welcome our newest Regent member—Jason Stanley with IB Roof Systems, Grapevine, Texas. Since 1978, IB Roof Systems has been a leader in high-performance PVC membranes and fluid applies solutions for the commercial and residential roofing industry. IB Roof Systems has a national footprint, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Texas.

When asked why IB Roof Systems joined the Roofing Alliance, Jason said: “My father was known by many as a pioneer in PVC membrane, working closely with early adopters and promoters, such as Colin Murphy of ERD. What my father was known for was his generosity. There is a scripture that can be summarized that says, ‘What you give in secret you will be rewarded openly and what you give openly, you already have your reward.’ Larry Stanley gave freely of his time, energy and knowledge almost daily to better those around him, and he was richly blessed. As the leader of our second-generation family-owned roofing manufacturing business, I have tried to carry on my father’s legacy though our ‘friends and family program,’ quietly giving away more than 100 roofs over the last decade. Recently, IB Roof Systems donated a roof to Boys and Girls Club in Laguna Beach, Calif., and Charles Antis of Antis Roofing inspired me to tell the world about it. His intention was not one of ‘look at me,’ although he does take a lot of selfies, but rather to inspire others to do more. In my search to find ways to give more and inspire others, Bill Good shared the story of the Roofing Alliance. The Roofing Alliance has gained an incredible reputation for serving an industry I truly love. IB Roof Systems is proud to join the Roofing Alliance to share our knowledge, time and resources with those in need. It’s my hope I can get to know each Roofing Alliance member so we can find ways to better our industry and do more to help those in need.”

With IB Roof Systems, our membership stands at 177.