7 Ways You Can Grow Your Roofing Business Part 2

Managing the daily affairs of a roofing business as the CEO can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re working on megaprojects or have a comfortable niche in creating roofing systems for residential construction projects, roofing business owners must always consider creative and effective ways they can grow their business.  

In this four-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), are discussing a few strategies to improve the bottom line of a roofing business and develop a long-term, successful enterprise. In the first part, we discussed how contractors can provide their workforce with education and training opportunities in roofing. In this part, we will focus on investing in roof technology and roofing innovation

2) Invest in Technology

Roofing is often perceived as an industry resistant to change; however, there are a lot of exciting and new technologies that roofing companies can utilize to improve their operations. Although businesses will need to invest some capital into these upgrades, there can be a significant return in the near future. Moreover, adopting new technologies will provide faster and more effective solutions for your clients . For example, productivity and collaboration can be improved significantly with the use of digital applications, mobile technology, drones, and other state-of-the-art equipment. 

Another issue is utilizing new technology to improve safety and training on the job. For example, something as simple to use as wearable technology that monitors worker vitals is becoming more popular on jobsites. Whether it’s productivity or safety, or even dealing with the labor crisis, any of these issues can be mitigated when contractors approach projects with a fresh perspective and with access to the latest cutting-edge technology. Investing in technology can improve the overall performance of your roofing company. 

3) Promote Sustainability

The Roofing Alliance is committed to enhancing the performance of roofing systems while also ensuring that they are environmentally sustainable. Moving forward, roofing companies, manufacturers, and suppliers will need to make conscious choices about the design, materials, manufacturing, and installation process of creating a roofing system to ensure sustainability. Although these systems need to be designed and constructed in a way that meets our present needs, we also need to consider ways that these systems can benefit future generations.

As far as growing your business, sustainability can also be an attractive feature within a bid package that separates your proposal from your competition. Promoting environmentally conscious roofing systems is also a great recruitment tool to entice the next generation of roofing professionals to join your company as they will see you as an industry thought leader. Lastly, roofing companies that stay ahead of the curve and consider innovative ways that they can create sustainable roofing systems will see more opportunities to work on state-of-the-art projects for many years to come.   

For more ways a roofing company can grow their business, please read parts three and four

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