6 Ways to Attract Millennials to the Roofing Industry Part 2

It’s time to stop using the term “millennial” in a negative way. In this two-part article, members of the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), are discussing the next generation of prospective roofing professionals. We are also discussing the qualities millennials seek in career opportunities and how roofing companies can tailor a strategy that welcomes these talented professionals to opportunities in the industry. 

In the first part of this article, we covered how to implement attractive benefits to retain young workers. We also discussed ways that you can provide a bit more flexibility to the workplace and tackled the issue of providing an ethical and diverse work environment. In this part, we will discuss several other important elements, including providing on-the-job training, career development opportunities, and ways you can attract young workers by promoting your focus on the social impact your company can have on the world.   

4) On-the-Job Training and Career Advancement

The Roofing Alliance often stresses the importance of providing workforces with roofing training initiatives and roofing education opportunities. Professional development is a huge part of the company culture of roofing companies and is in high demand for millennials. Whether it’s recent construction management program or vocational school graduates, former members of the military, or high school graduates looking for a career route, roofing companies that spend their time training and educating their workforce will see their investment returned with loyal employees that are motivated to advance their career in roofing.    

5) Positive Social Impact

According to a study by Deloitte, 46 percent of millennials want to make “a positive impact in their communities or society.” When compared to the desire to own a home, which clocks in at 49 percent, it quickly becomes apparent that social impact is a huge consideration for millennials when job hunting. As Capital Group concluded in their survey, 82 percent of millennials believe “it’s important for companies to promote the health and wellness of consumers and employees.” This includes everything from giving back to the community, having a diverse workforce, a positive work environment, and, in the case of roofing jobs, creating environmentally conscious, sustainable roofing systems. When millennials can see what company leaders care about, this can be a huge motivating force that impacts their choice in careers.    

6) Growth 

As we have discussed throughout this article, one constant of millennials in the workplace is their desire to grow with a company. Although there’s often a perception that millennials are job-hoppers, the truth is that they are looking for the right opportunity to learn and develop in a career that they are passionate about and for a company that is making a positive impact on society. Few industries are projected to see the impressive amount of growth that the roofing industry should see over the next ten years. With groundbreaking technology entering the field, sustainable and environmentally conscious designs, on-the-job training opportunities, and many lucrative positions available immediately after school, the roofing industry is the perfect outlet for many talented young professionals who wish to establish a long-term career.  

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