5 Ways You Can Improve Your Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roofing companies are used to facing challenges. Whether it’s combating the labor gap, taking on safety risks, or dealing with material shortages, roofing contractors, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers are no strangers to finding solutions to problems. However, with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), communities across the globe are being impacted by the respiratory disease, including the roofing community. 

In America, the global pandemic has led to government-mandated jobsite closures. With many roofing companies either scaling down their workforce or temporarily pausing projects, employers are left considering ways they can maintain their operations during this difficult time. In this editorial, the Roofing Alliance, a national roofing industry network of respected professionals, will discuss ways you can improve your business even during a challenging time like the COVID-19 pandemic. As our members are fully invested in the future of roofing, we are dedicated to finding solutions to the current issues impacting the industry so that your roofing business can thrive for many more years to come. 

How to Make a Difference

Members of the Roofing Alliance, the Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), are banding together to help the industry through this challenging time. Here are five areas that many of our members are focused on during this pandemic:

1) Employee Retainment 

As an organization focused on the future generations of professional roofers, we often discuss the importance of combating the labor gap. This is an especially significant topic during a potential recession. During challenging times, employers can too easily focus on their short-term needs and lose track of their long-term goals. Employers should identify their most valuable employees and continue investing in their roofing professional development. This can include promoting them to a leadership role, providing them funding to obtain some form of a roofing industry certification, or simply listening to their needs. Even if work has slowed down, now is an excellent time to show your key employees that you value them, including providing them with opportunities to expand their roofing education

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2) Reconnect Your Supply Chain

As China and other manufacturing powerhouses were hit hard by COVID-19, essential roofing supplies are forecasted to experience a drought in the near future. Although the impact hasn’t been completely felt yet, roofing contractors need to do everything in their power to develop strategies now that can help them avoid significant gaps in the supply chain in the future. As part of this contingency, plan to meet the demand, communicate consistently with your key suppliers and ensure their operations are stable so that they can serve you when you need them. In some cases, businesses will need to explore alternative suppliers and reach out to trusted partners for advice on where to go. 

3) Dedicate Time to Networking 

Although all in-person networking events of the Roofing Alliance have been temporarily postponed due to the community spread nature of the COVID-19 virus, this doesn’t mean that all networking opportunities are unavailable to you if you’re at home. Reach out to existing clients and prospective ones through LinkedIn. Follow industry leading organizations on Facebook. Consider reaching out to the industry professionals you admire most. Whether it’s contacting business partners or engaging with your active clients, there are many forms of networking that can help your business thrive even during a challenging time. As a membership group of professionals at the forefront of roofing, many of our members enjoy lifelong connections and are actively working together to mitigate the impact COVID-19 will have on the industry and their businesses. 

4) Help Out in the Community

During troubling times, charity is an opportunity for companies to help out their community, earn a positive reputation, and build for future success. Whether it’s internal acts of benevolence, such as paying hourly workers that experienced reduced hours, or partnering with nonprofits and other organizations to positively impact your community, there are a variety of incredible opportunities to help out those in need and show the community that you care, even during the most trying times. If you are looking for inspiration, research what these 50 companies did to give back during the pandemic

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5) Stay Informed

Regardless of your role on a roofing project, the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted your operations in some form. We encourage all roofing professionals to keep up to date on the latest news related to COVID-19 and the industry. NRCA’s website has a resources section dedicated to COVID-19, including information on prevention, safety, legal and insurance issues, federal assistance, and critical updates your business needs on an ongoing basis. Start by staying informed and then consider the best practices your company can take with the breaking news in your area. 

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