Gold Circle Awards Program

Recognizing Outstanding Contributions

The Gold Circle Awards program recognizes Alliance and NRCA members for outstanding contributions to the roofing industry. Unique roofing-related jobs, programs and services are eligible for the program. To be considered for a Gold Circle Award, Alliance and NRCA members are nominated by their peers and community (self-nominations are not accepted) for significant contributions to the roofing industry in the following categories:

Outstanding Workmanship

Submit examples of a particularly challenging job, difficult design job, abnormal working conditions, difficult materials used, etc., to showcase your work.

Innovative Solutions

Did you have a particularly difficult job, find a smart solution to a problem or install environmentally friendly projects? Clearly explain what makes your project so innovative.

Safety Preparedness and Performance

Safety is paramount in roofing, and if you had a job that exemplified excellent safety preparedness, submit an entry that includes a description of the following:

  • Specific safety considerations that were considered and included in the proposal as the job was being bid.
  • The written safety plan created after selection.
  • How safety was integrated into unique job elements that gave rise to creative solutions and procedures, for example, where multiple trades or unique worker or public protection issues existed.
  • Examples of how and why the plan needed to be revised as the project continued.
  • Your plan for fall prevention.
  • What safety policies and/or procedures were revised/created as a result of a post-job safety review.

All entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges within the roofing industry. The highest-ranking entries will determine the winner.

Benefits of Winning

2018-19 Gold Circle Award recipients will receive the following:

  • Formal recognition during a special awards ceremony held during NRCA’s 132nd Annual Convention and the 2019 International Roofing Expo® in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 11-13, 2019.
  • A Gold Circle Awards trophy
  • Recognition in Professional Roofing magazine
  • Press releases notifying industry trade press and local media
  • The honor of serving as an inspiration to fellow NRCA members striving for excellence


  • Members submitting entries must create a Dropbox link containing all materials and high-resolution photographs.
  • No resubmissions of the same project.
  • Good photos are critical—they tell the story. Types of photos that are helpful include close-up photos of details; photos showing examples of safety; and photos of work in progress (before, during and after).
  • Nominations are to be made by an unrelated third party who can vouch for project satisfaction—such as the building owner, designer, general contractor, etc. (someone other than the manufacturer; self-nominations are not accepted). A letter of recommendation from the unrelated third party is strongly encouraged.

The 2018-19 Gold Circle Awards Program is now closed. Details for the 2019-20 program will be available in July 2019.